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For the past three weeks our CODE clubbers have been tryign to create their own games using Scratch. This was the first time they had been given free range to create their own Scratch project. Click on the link below to play some of their games.


Our new members!



Over the past few weeks the children involved in the CODE club have been constructing their own Mario style platform game. This is a Level 6 programme involving multiple sprites and increasingly complex scripts. The children have really enjoyed designing and making their games and are now excited to be moving onto the next stages of CODE club.

Watch this space for the link to play their games once they have been comleted.

Download Scratch

Although there are a limited number of pupils who can be a part of CODE club, Scratch is free to download for everyone to try out by clicking on the link below. Below is also an example of the types of projects that children complete during the club.


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