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Art Events

Ignite Project - Yorkshire Sculpture Park

During January 2016 children from Years 2 to 6 took part in an arts project organised by Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The children visited the Sculpture Park and looked at a variety of sculptures, which included bird houses, totem poles and a giant octopus.

The day involved working alongside a visual artist, learning about different art techniques and working in groups to make structures out of willow branches.

The children then had a follow up day in school with the artist. The aim was to make a set of sculptures based on totem poles, first drawing designs onto cardboard tubes, before completing the work with a mosaic technique.

The sculptures are now on display in school and look amazing.

Art Activities at Gomersal Primary School

During the Spring Term, children from KS2 enjoyed taking part in art sessions at Gomersal Primary School.

They worked alongside children from other schools, exploring different materials and learning new techniques

Johnstone's Paint Workshop

Children from Key Stage 1 have taken part in an art project run by Johnstone’s paint company. The children worked with an artist to produce work to be exhibited at an event called Clerkenwell Design Week, held in London at the end of May 2016.

The children had great fun painting large wooden boards using different techniques and equipment. The artist then removed some of the colour through stencils to create images of the London skyline.

After the exhibition, we will hopefully be having at least one of these murals displayed in school

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