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I am extremely proud and privileged to be the Head Teacher of such a happy, vibrant and dynamic school. We continually strive to challenge the children so they receive the very best education possible. At our school we have high expectations and the children reward us by always giving their best.

We believe that Heaton Avenue Primary School is an integral part of the local community and we value our links with others. It is vital for us to develop positive and productive relationships with our children and their families. This enables us to create a friendly, safe and supportive environment for all to enjoy.

We have a caring, hard working and committed team that strive to bring out the best in our children. We are all dedicated to developing the knowledge, skills and understanding which enables children to be well equipped for the future.

We are part of the SHARE Multi Academy Trust (with Shelley College, Millbridge Junior and Infant School and Cowlersley Primary School).

We are also very pleased to inform you that The French House (111 South Parade) has been given to the school as part of the conversion.  We have great plans for this building and are developing it to support our school community and local community.

School Ethos and Vision

The school is an integral part of the community where everyone works together to enable children feel valued and respected so they are empowered to always give their best.

We have five strands to our School ethos and vision which reflect our continued drive to be an excellent school, providing the best opportunities for our pupils.


children to: have ambition, a love of learning, develop thier own ideas, develop positive relationships, initiate activities, make choices about approaches, engage in new activities showing curiosity and enjoy meeting challenges.


about themselves; keeping safe and healthy, their place in the variety of communities they are a part of and the world around them. This is through asking questions and researching answers, analysing information, understanding reliability and preparing themselves for a life full of learning.


a wide variety of rich, exciting, stimulating real life situations in a changing world, a broad, dynamic curriculum, differences between themselves and others and value them, working in teams and communicating ideas effectively, making mistakes and how to negotiate and resolve conflict.


a sense of self-worth, wellbeing and belonging, high levels of interest, high standards, perseverance and a belief in themselves.


with others: their experiences, how to be respectful and polite, kind and considerate, listen and collaborate, celebrate achievements and be exemplar role models.


Our school drivers are the skills that we want to build in our children and are the elements which drive our curriculum. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of our staff, with consideration of our aims and values, and by carefully analysing the needs of our children , the following Curriculum Drivers have been developed:



  • why stop dreaming when you wake up?

  • inspiring children to broaden their horizons through exposure to a wide range of life possibilities;

  • looking at different opportunities and career prospects and meeting people who do different jobs;

  • being inspired to travel.



  • encouraging children to be inquisitive and questioning;

  • encouraging children to be resourceful and independent in their learning;

  • providing opportunities for independent thinking and application of skills;

  • developing collaborative learning;

  • encouraging ‘risk taking’;

  • requiring perseverance and improvement through evaluation;

  • nurturing problem solvers.

Emotional Awareness


  • being aware that children have different needs;

  • teaching empathy;

  • helping children to acquire the essential skills required to be a good learner;

  • helping children to be a good friend, sociable, a member of our community;

  • understanding and exploring different feelings and emotions;

  • addressing spiritual and moral values.



  • teaching financial awareness and responsibility;
  • supporting children in making 'sound' financial decisions;
  • helping children to understand the value of goods and items

For more information on the importance of enterprise in our school, please click here



Our values

We are gentle (we don’t hurt anything)

We listen and follow instructions (we don’t interrupt)

We always tell the truth (we don’t lie)

We are kind and helpful (we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings)

We take care of the school and everything in it (we don’t damage things)

We work hard (we don’t waste time)

Ready to Learn

Our eyes are looking

Our ears are listening

Our lips are closed

Our hands are still

Our brains are ready

To develop techniques and acquire skills for life we encourage children’s positive attitudes to learning that promote the attributes that help you achieve personal success.


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