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Our school currently has 438 children on roll, split into 18 classes throughout school. We accommodate children from ages 3-11.

Foundation Stage Unit

Our outstanding Foundation Stage Unit provision is overseen by Mrs Parkes (Leader of Learning, FS) and is split into 5 groups:

Foundation Stage (a.m.) and Foundation Stage (p.m.) - lead by Mrs Parkes

Foundation 1 - lead by Miss Mclean

Foundation 2 - lead by Mrs Deighton

Key Stage One Unit

Under the direction of Mrs Davey (Leader of Learning, KS1), children in Key Stage One are split into 5 registration classes:

1AB - lead by Mrs Bailey

1SD - lead by Mrs Davey and Mrs Bourne

1SP - lead by Miss Patel

1LS - lead by Mrs Starkie

1LM - lead by Mr Buck-Matthews

Key Stage 2 Unit

Our Key Stage Two children are lead by Miss Ramsden (Leader of Learning, UKS2)  and Mrs Bell (Leader of Learning, LKS2) and are split into 9 registration classes:

L2HB - lead by Mrs Bell

L2CD - lead by Miss Duncan

L2KE - lead by Mrs Evans

L2VS - lead by Mrs Sheldon

L2JS - lead by Miss Wright

U2EA - lead by Mrs Ainley

U2DG - lead by Mr Gough

U2CP - lead by Mr Powles

U2JR - lead by Miss Ramsden