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Our school currently has 460 children on roll, split into 18 classes throughout school. We accommodate children from ages 3-11.

Foundation Stage Unit

Our outstanding Foundation Stage Unit provision is overseen by Mrs Parkes (Leader of Learning, FS) and is split into 4 groups:

Foundation Stage (a.m.) and Foundation Stage (p.m.) - lead by Mrs Parkes

Foundation 1 - lead by Miss Mclean

Foundation 2 - lead by Mrs Deighton

Key Stage One Unit

Under the direction of Mrs Davey (Leader of Learning, KS1), children in Key Stage One are split into 5 registration classes:

1AB - lead by Mrs Bailey

1SD - lead by Mrs Davey and Mrs Bourne

1SP - lead by Mrs Patel

1LS - lead by Mrs Starkie

1LM - lead by Mr Buck-Matthews

Key Stage 2 Unit

Our Key Stage Two children are lead by Miss Ramsden (Leader of Learning, Upper Key Stage 2)  and Mrs Bell (Leader of Learning, Lower Key Stage 2) and are split into 9 registration classes:

L2HB - lead by Mrs Bell

L2CD - lead by Miss Duncan

L2KE - lead by Mrs Evans

L2VS - lead by Mrs Sheldon

L2JS - lead by Miss Wright

U2EA - lead by Mrs Ainley

U2DG - lead by Mr Gough

U2CP - lead by Mr Powles

U2JR - lead by Miss Ramsden

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