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Parental Feedback

Analysis of responses to parent/guardian questionnaires 2017

Parents/guardians were asked at Parent’s Evening to rate 7 statements relating to their child’s learning experience against the following criteria:

●Strongly Agree


●Neither Agree or Disagree


●Strongly Disagree

●Not Applicable

The statements were:

1.My child is well looked after at this school.

2.This school promotes good behaviour.

3.Any issues with other children are dealt with quickly & effectively.

4.The school gives my child opportunities to make positive contributions to their community.

5.The school encourages good attendance and punctuality.

6.I find the school’s online profiles useful? (Website, Twitter, Dojo etc.).

7.The school is well led and managed by Leaders of Learning, Middle Leaders, Senior Leaders and Governors.

Of the 50 responses received across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2:

  • 36 showed that parents/guardians agreed or strongly agreed with all the statements.

- 13 of these responses added further positive comments.

  • 2 reflected that parents/guardians disagreed or strongly disagreed with 1 of the statements but provided no further comments. The statement was:

- “Any issues with other children are dealt with quickly & effectively.”

  • 12 had 1 or more statements with which they did not Agree or Disagree

- 4 of these provided further positive comments

The positive comments received covered a range of areas such as

  • Children feeling well supported and cared for.
  • Good communication.
  • Good learning environment and self-learning culture.
  • After school activities

2 parents/guardians commented that the “School would be better if...”:

  • There was more communication with parents.
  • The children could showcase what they were working on from time to time such as via a special assembly.

1 parent/guardian commented on the improvement in the staffing consistency within Year 3 after a somewhat disruptive year



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