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Lower Key Stage 2


Here in Lower Key Stage 2, we work together to become the best we can be. We find enjoyment in learning new things and we learn that it is alright to make mistakes. We strive to be the best we can be, whether that maybe working independently or in collaboratively across the curriculum.

Below are some of the activities, lessons and other exciting things that we have taken part in throughout the school year.

Our Topics

Kingswood 2016

Last week, from the 11th May until the 13th May, year 4 went to Kingswood. We had such an amazing time as a group, learning about the outdoors and more importantly, about finding our inner courage. We completed some exciting activities such as absailing, zipwiring and team building activities. Below are some of the pictures from our trip to Staffordshire.

Year 3 French Activities

Whilst the year 4's enjoyed themselves in Staffordshire, we year 3's had some exciting days completing some French activities. In our activity with Miss Duncan, we made our very own bread (from scratch) and, having let it cool down overnight, we made French sandwiches the following day. The fillings we chose from were from various jams to cooked meat. We researched the French terminology for the fillings and then drew a design of our delicious sandwiches.

Another activity that we completed was making structures and we were asked to work collaboratively to complete this task. At the start of the lesson, Mrs Spencer told us that we had to build the tallest tower using only cocktails sticks and blutack. Here are some of our amazing structures of French Landmarks. 

Our third and final task was to create a powerpoint based on the country itself. We included favourite foods, landmarks, facts and figures from the country as well as informatative slides about the culture and personal wellbeing in France. Below are some examples of our fantastic work.

Renaissance Learning

Throughout the year, children in LKS2 will complete reading tests that indicate where the child's reading stage, age and other statistics are. It is very important that the children begin to complete star reader quizzes outside of school. The link below will take you to the homepage where your child may access the quiz at home. As each profile for the children is personalised, your child will have their own login (username and password) supplied by the school. They will need this in order to access their own quizzes.

Heaton Avenue have also introduced the 100 tree, in the library. This tree is a representation of all of the children's efforts and attainments in these quizzes. If your child obtains 100% in their test, then their class teacher will write their name, the name of the book and the date on a leaf, which will be placed on the 100 tree. So let's try to encourage them all to complete as many tests as possible, and to try their best to get the best result possible.


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