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Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2

The Lower Key Stage Two Unit caters for Year 3 and Year 4 children, aged between 7-9 years. We offer a semi-open plan floor where children are encouraged towards independance through a range of carefully planned activities and themes.

To see our curriculum please click here. Here you will find the topic web/planning and any photographs taken from each topic.

Meet the Staff

Miss Katie Oram - LKS2 Leader of Learning 

Mrs Kate Evans - Y4 Teacher

Mrs Safiyya Patel - Y4 Teacher

Miss Carolann Duncan - Y3 Teacher

Miss Jessica Wright - Y3/4 Teacher

Mrs Lindsey Howarth - Educational Teaching Assistant

Mrs Emma Kay - Educational Teaching Assistant/ Behaviour Support Worker

Mrs Brenda Parkinson - Educational Teaching Assistant

Mrs Emma Pearson - Educational Teaching Assistant

Lower Key Stage 2 Calculation Policy

At the request of some of our parents, please find a document below detailing the methods that we use in school to teach the four operations in mathematics - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. When working with your child at home, it is often difficult to know exactly which is the 'preferred' method of calcuation: this document should help to clear up such queries. There are also details of the 'foundations' of mental maths that children should be confident in at the end of each year group. As always, if you have any queries about any of the curriculum content, please come and find one of us in school. 

Discussing things with us...

It is our main focus for your child to make outstanding educational progress whilst being happy at school. If you feel like you need to talk to us about anything concerning your child, please feel free to make an appointment with any of us by contacting the school office. 

Class Dojo

We use Class Dojo throughout the school to provide positive praise to children, communicate with parents and to let you at home know how fantastic your children are being. If you haven't linked with your child's Class Dojo avatar yet, please contact us at school. We are aiming for 100% connectivity to continue to spread the good news about how amazing our children are.

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