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Cleckheaton Memorial Service: Remembrance Day Parade

Ambassador Visit: UTC July 18

Year 5 Visit to The Great Yorkshire Show 2018

Year 5/6 IFly Enrichment: December 17

On Tuesday 12th December, we visited the IFly centre in Manchester where we experienced the amazing thrill of INDOOR SKYDIVING! We took part in 2 separate flights in a specially designed wind tunnel (with speeds of up to 120 mph) and felt what it was like to be truly weightless!  We were also treated to yummy hot chocolate and started to plan our next enrichment trip -  a visit to the Chill Factor to take part in skiing, sledging and snowboarding. Watch this space!

Year 6 Whitby Visit: November 17

As part of our book study of Room 13, children in Year 6 were able to follow in the footsteps of Fliss, Ellie-May, Lisa, Trot and the gang when we visited Whitby. Although extremely cold, we warmed our cockles by trekking up and down the famous 199 steps, searched in vain for Dracula's gravestone, finished reading the book in the abbey grounds, participated in a spontaneous ghost hunt and gorged ourselves on delicious chips (of course!).

Year 5 Visit to the Great Yorkshire Show

On Thursday 13th July, our Year 5 children visited the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate. Please find below some pictures of our amazing day.

Year 6 Architecture Day

Year 6 children celebrated finishing their SATs by participating in an Architecture Workshop in school.  They created fantastically engineered structures that reached over 3 times their height.  They had fun developing problem solving and communication skills, working as a team and gaining an understanding of mathematics in architectural principles, in a hands-on and innovative way.

Ambassadors Visit to Nabarro - Sheffield

On Thursday 11th November, our ambassadors were invited to Nabarro - a top law firm- in Sheffield to take part in an enterprise competition with other schools from across Yorkshire. The brief was to take on the role of being solicitors for the day, having been employed by 'clients' who were looking to avoid a court battle. Our children represented the school AMAZINGLY and the leader of the course, and professional lawyers at the event sent an email afterwards saying:

"...I just wanted to catch up, following the trip last Thursday. We hope the students had a fantastic time. As reflected by the volunteers from the Nabarro, they were a credit to your school in what was a fast-paced challenge and it was great to see your school delivering mature presentations with students they had only just met..."

We were obviously delighted that our ambassadors had lied up to their name and are already in the process of organsising more events in the weeks to come. For a flavour of the day, please feel free to take a look at the Powerpoint below:

Leeds Force Enrichment Trip - October 14th 2016

On Friday 14th October, as part of our Possibilities driver in school, Year 5 and 6 children went to watch a professional basketball match at Leeds Carnegie campus. Despite the awful result (Leeds Force 39-109 Leicester Riders), we had an amazing time. We met some of the players and got their autographs. We were especially praised for making so much noise - an unusual way to be praised! Below are just a few pictures of our fantastic evening.

Please click here for a link to the official match report as reported by The Yorkshire Evening Post. It doesn't make for pretty reading if you are a Force fan!

Bradley Woods Independent Learning (IL) Trip - April 2016

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