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Learning Logs

Children will bring home learning logs each half term and they will be related to the theme we are learning around in school. Learning logs are not only an opportunity to consolodate and extend their learning at home, but more importantly to share their experiences and discoveries with family and friends.

The children are motivated and inspired by their new themes so that hopefully they will have their own ideas to make their learning lofs personal to them.

Learning Log Help:

Learning Log Celebrations

At the end of each theme, we hold a Learning Log Celebration morning, where children will be encouraged to share their masterpieces with their friends and teachers. Every child in the unit will be recognised for their effort, hard work and achievement, regardless of the amount of work produced.  

Doodle Maths

All children have access to Doodle Maths, an app that can be downloaded onto most mobile devices and tablets. If you don't know your child's username and password, feel free to ask us and we will get that sorted for you.

The idea of the app is for it to be used little and often, so that the children can get the most out of it and make more progress!

End of KS1 Assessments

As KS1 teachers, we hope you found the information that we provided useful in understanding the testing process and what the outcomes of the tests mean to your child. If you have any queries or require further clarification about anything to do with your child's results, or you would like to have a discussion about how you can further support your child as they move into Key Stage 2, please do not hesitate to contact one of us in school. Alternatively, please find below a document titled 'Information for parents: 2017 national curriculum assessment results at the end of key stage 1'. This will go some way to answering any questions and all questions you may have.  

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