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Our talk For Writing Story this half term is - Whatever Next

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We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Also a big welcome to the children and families that are new to the foundation unit this half term.

This half term our theme will be ‘Brilliant Boxes' Based on the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

The children will have the opportunity be retelling, and creating their own versions of the story in our specially created small world area as well as outside. They will be designing and building their own space rockets using our construction shed outdoors, indoors using the large bricks and also using in our creative area using boxes and recycled materials.

Our creative work will include designing and creating their own model rockets. The children will have lots of opportunities to use their imagination when recreating and inventing their own versions of what happened next. The will also be coming up with imaginative ideas of what they would turn a box into.

Our large construction area will have a very astronomical feel where children will be able to travel the solar system in their rocket ships. We will be comparing the environment on the moon to that of our own and finding out a little bit about Neil Armstrong and the moon landing.

We will be looking at healthy eating and personal hygiene and the children will be able to practice this through bathing the babies in the water tray.

Our sand area will inspire imaginations through using everyday objects in different ways so you may want to keep a lock on your kitchen cupboards.

We will also be finding out about the Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated.

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