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Our School Ambassadors

Our school ambassador system continues to go from strength to strength and we are delighted to announce our new cohort of Year 6 ambassadors for the academic year 2019-20. Below, please find their profile bios along with some useful information about themselves and what they are hoping to achieve this year. 

Imogen Pritchard - Achieve


I am Imogen (10 years old) and the House Captain of Team Achieve. 

I have older siblings that have been to our school in the past.

Outside school, my main hobby is horse riding - I go every week. I have won two ribbons and two badges.

I would like to think I am an ambassador because I always follow the school rules and set a good example to other, particularly younger children, in our school.

I hope you all have a fantastic year!

Let's keep achieving!

Jennie Bradley-Cooper - Experience

Hi, my name is Jennie and I am 11 years old. I am the house captain of Team Experience. 

I enjoy painting and my favourite lessons at school are art and literacy. 

I think I was chosen to be an ambassador because I work hard, listen to the teachers and try and set a good example for the other children to follow. 

I hope everyone has a great year and earns lots of house points!

Go Team Experience!!

Arianna Parkes - Inspire

Hello, my name is Arianna Parkes. I have been chosen to be an ambassador and captain of Team Inspire. I would like my team to INSPIRE others to make the right choices and follow the right paths.

In year five, I always thought about what I needed to do to become one of the ambassadors of the school. Every day I made sure that I was trying my best to be someone to look up to by concentrating in lessons, helping others and never breaking a single school rule.

I hope this year that everyone in Team Inspire is trying their best to get house points (Dojos) so that we, as a team, can keep our shield. One point might not seem much but everyones' points count . After all, it might be one point between first and second - every little helps!

Rajan Bajra - Discover

Hi, my name is Rajan and I am the House Captain for Team Discover.

I love to play football and currently play for Wyke - they are a very good team! Usually, I play Right Back or Centre Back. My other sport is Karate - I am a brown belt (nearly a black!) and my favourite colour is purple - our school colour!

I think I have been chosen for this role because I'm a great role model and always work hard.

Emily Skidmore - Inspire

Hello, my name is Emily and I am Team Inspire's Vice Captain.

My hobbies are dancing and riding my bike. I go dancing every Saturday and excel in modern jazz, musical theatre, tap and street dance. Every year, I perform at the Cleckheaton Christmas Light Switch On.

I really enjoy the time I spend here at Heaton Avenue and it will be such a shame when I eventually have to leave. My favourite subjects currently are Art and English.

I think the reason I was chosen to become an Ambassador is because I am really kind and caring as well as always putting in 100% into everything I do. I also consistently hit our school attendance target of 97% every year.

Come on Team Inspire - let's keep the House Shield!

Ebony-Leigh Burton - Achieve

Hi, my name is Ebony and I am Vice Captain of Team Achieve.

I enjoy reading and playing out with my friends.. I have a younger brother and and older brother and I also have a French Bulldog named Harley. 

I think I have been chosen to become an ambassador because I really enjoy coming to school and setting a good example for others to follow. I hope this year is a great one!

Dream, Believe, Achieve!

Seth Drake - Experience

Hi, my name is Seth and i am the Vice Captain of Team Experience.

My favourite sport is football and I play for Wyke Wanderers. I support Bradford City and, other than this, I love to play on my Playstation.

I believe I was chosen to become an ambassador because I am hard working and always try my best.

Joshua Fish - School Council

My name is Joshua and I am an ambassador leading the School Council this year. I love maths as it is full of challenges which help you to improve all the time.

I think I have been chosen to become an ambassador because I am kind and helpful and always try my hardest in every lesson.

Outside school, I love playing on my scooter. I play football for Wyke Wanderers and cricket for Cleckheaton CC.

I am delighted to be representing the School Council this year as an ambassador as this is very rare and doesn't happen to a lot of people!

Rowan Smith - Media Team

My name is Rowan Smith; I am 10 years old and have attended Heaton Avenue Primary School since 2013. I am now starting Year 6 as a school Ambassador and along with Oskar Dyson I run the Media Team.

In Year 4 and 5 I represented the school football team; winning every match we played. Also, in Year 5 I was part of the Dance Club which performed a show at Whitcliffe Mount School in front of lots people.

My best achievement in school so far is my DoodleMaths streak which is currently 664 days. This is the longest streak at Heaton Avenue and I am working towards getting into the top 50 of the country.

Outside of school, football is a big part of my life; I play for West End Park Under 11s and I support Manchester United. My favourite position is in defence because I like tackling and winning the ball. 

With West End Park, I always volunteer to help with charity events and raise money for the team. I have supported a food bank charity by encouraging customers in Tesco Cleckheaton to donate food. I also set up my own car washing business (with my brother and cousin (Callum Carney)) to raise money so West End Park could buy a new kit, we raised £150 in two months.

With 7 of my friends we set up a 2nd hand stall to raise money for Cancer Research; this was important to me because my Uncle had recently recovered from cancer and I wanted help others like him. We raised £244 and our efforts were reported in the Spenborough Guardian.

In Year 6 I am aiming to do a great job as a school Ambassador and hopefully I will be on the football team again.

Michael Laki - Discover

Hi, my name is Michael and I am 10 years old. This year, I have been chosen as one of Heaton Avenue Primary School’s ambassadors and vice-captain for Team Discover and would like to tell you a bit about myself am how I earned my ambassador status.

I enjoy learning new things and adore all subjects (especially maths and IT) and am always willing to attempt something new -I think this may be one of the reasons I am ambassador. I also enjoy doing sports. My hobbies include climbing, cycling, reading, swimming and playing the piano (I have grade 2!) I also do many other activities, for example jiu-jitsu and water polo. Although I do not play for a club, I love to play football, as do many people my age.

I want to believe I got chosen as an ambassador for many reasons, if so, they would be the following: I am helpful to my classmates, I try to brighten people’s days up if they are upset, I always do my best when working, some younger children look up to me as a role model and I try my best not to let my joyful spirit disperse.


Good luck to all students (and teachers) for the new school year!



And of course, all the other teams 😉



Annie Lee - School Council

Hi, my name is Annie. I am an Ambassador of the School Council and like to help out in all areas of school. My favourite thing to do is play with my cats (Misty and Miles!). I also love going out with my stepsistedr, Megan (if I am honest, she spoils me!).

Other favourite things include steak, the book, The Creakers and the film, A Dogs Way Home.

I really hope you enjoy coming to Heaton Avenue as much as I do and good luck to all the houses throughout the year!

Oskar Dyson - Media Team

I am Oskar and I am an Ambassador for the Media Team.

Outside of school, I play a sport called Octopush which is underwater hockey - it is pretty cool!

I have an older sister who loved coming to Heaton Avenue but is in Year 11 now.

I hope I was chosen to become an ambassador because I am kind, helpful and a credit to the school.

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