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Heaton Avenue Developing Citizenship Awards

The Heaton Avenue Developing Citizenship Awards recognises those children who demonstrate the ‘Secrets of Success’ that we share in our school and therefore set the highest standards of effort, discipline and attainment consistently over a period of time.  

The ‘Award’ involves eight distinct yet related areas:

Trying new things, working hard, concentrating, pushing themselves, imagine, improve, understand others and not giving up.

For each area in which a pupil has demonstrated excellence, s/he will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold mark; those pupils who have been approved for all eight areas are then presented with the relevant star badge for them to display on their school jumper or cardigan. This will sit just below the school badge and will be sewn into place for all to see! Please see below for the booklets which are given to the children so they can take control  of their own progress through the process.

Children who achieve silver or above can be nominated to represent their year group on the School Council and Sports and Healthy Lifestyle Committee. They may also take on roles such as monitors or librarians. Any child who surpasses the gold status could potentially have bestowed on them the honour of becoming an Ambassador for Heaton Avenue. There is no age restriction for Ambassador Status – children in all year groups can earn the award.

Heaton Avenue Ambassador

Ambassadorship provides a pupil with a series of privileges designed in conjunction with the School Council; these might include exclusive use of the adventure playground one playtime each week, sitting on the ‘Ambassador benches’ during assemblies and invitations to special visits and performances during the year. Ambassadors will also be chosen to induct new pupils, provide tours of the school for visitors and be asked to represent our school in the wider community and possibly abroad!

Along with a certificate, all School Ambassadors are presented with a metal badge that they wear every day as part of their school uniform; this will enable them to be easily identified as Ambassadors by staff and visitors. Ambassadors retain their status for the remainder of the academic year. Since an ambassador is awarded the award for the year group they are currently in, at the start of each new academic year, they will need to once again demonstrate that they are still achieving a consistently outstanding level in all eight areas in order to once again achieve the award. (Any Ambassador that does not maintain the highest standards will have the honour withdrawn

This scheme not only aptly acknowledges the pupils at our school who demonstrate excellence in all aspects of their behaviour, but motivates all pupils to live by the school’s values to the highest standards. Those who achieve the award provide a clear model for other children to follow, and through its very explicit and clear standards for behaviour, the Ambassador scheme enables all children to gain a firm understanding of the expectations at our school. 

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